by Heroes Die Too

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released July 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Heroes Die Too Udine, Italy

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Track Name: Women & Children First
Women And Children First

Searching my way through thousand of already seen days,
I begin to get lost among
alleys and memories.
Every street I take I catch a glimpse of your back
For nothing but a second, then you've you vanish.

Even if there was no doubt about the answers, I asked for help from friends and bottles
I threw up everything they gave me, all the bullshit and every beer I swallowed
Sooner or later
there comes the day you have to say: “enough”
I'm getting tired,
I'm getting bored,
I'm getting fed up.

They tell you
“don't you give up, react and fight”,
and I did it.
But don't give me medals for gallantry, I don't think I deserve 'em,
'Cause if the great war of my generation is the spiritual one,
I lost on every single front,
my very own Waterloo.

They tell you
“look at the world from another perspective”,
and I'm already on the mainmast,
oh, I'm captain Drunk.
I scan the horizon through my telescope,
the lens is the dry bottom
of an empty bottle.

it doesn't show things differently from what they are
even if you cannot focus it
the tsunami eventually will come

Leave the ships before it sinks
Leave the ship before it's too late
But the captain must remain...

(The captain must remain)

Leave the ship before it sinks.
Before it's too late.
Track Name: Yes, we're blaming the 80s
Yes, we're blaming the 80s

well, you're telling me we're swimming in shit
for your observational skills

I almost didn't notice
nobody noticed. (Nobody noticed)

that money I never had is long gone
and nights get longer and days grow colder
while rich pricks are getting richer
and richer dicks are getting richest

funny bit: it's not my fault
hateful shit: I'm paying for it
we're redefining the concept of debt now
it's biblical blood blotting the heads of sons and daughters

of the simple minds who believed
in Ronnie and Maggie
they hoped to get trickled down
I think they just got tricked. Clowns.

yes, I'm preaching, and yes, I'm annoying
but I'm fucking sick of people pretending
we didn't see this coming
when the cat's away, mice will fucking play

brokers and bankers
weren't the bad guys back then,
remember? (remember?)
while they cooked money we surrendered
no rules for the real elite, it's so sad
we didn't lift a finger. Re-elect the bastards, instead.

so let's blame it on the 80s
for the compulsory cult of the wealthy
for “there's no such thing as society”
for the deregulated nails in the working class coffin

for all the invisible hand wanks
for the downfall of our country
the arrogance, the ruthlessness
for Craxi and the bald dwarf.

let's blame them for all of this.
And hair metal, Cindy Lauper.
And the death of John Belushi
Track Name: Know your enemy, know yourself
Know your enemy, know yourself

everyone's wearing a uniform
you are too
I am too
nobody's an exception

conformity is a trap impossible to avoid
all your tattoos, all my clothes, all her dyes
won't get us out of the scheme
they won't set us free

we act like indomitable individuals
on a righteous crusade against the system
oh, we had lost from the very beginning
but we choose to turn our gaze away

our shoes, our pants, our shirts say it all about us
our devotion to bands, our allegiance to brands
we're all hypocrites, my friend
deal with it, deal with it, think again

we hoped to be rebels, now we are office clerks
we dreamed to change the world, we're now paying our bills
we're living a surrogate of the revolution
45 minutes of havoc to forget who we are

losers. Plain fucking losers
swallowed by the real world
the one that doesn't wait
sinking in the real world
the one that wants you to pay

your rent, your mortgage, you car gas, your phone bill
your holidays, your drinks, your condoms, your dreams

so let's go back to where we started
to that sad look behind our shoulders
to the glorious days of unconsciousness
when we really believed in what we loved

when our lives had yet to be written
when the snare hadn't bitten our tired legs
when our heart was young
and responsibility was yet to come

those days are gone.
Our soul might have been saved, but our butts are now at stake
welcome to the real world, motherfucker
know who you are. Be aware of what your are

the tiniest gear in the biggest machine
a gear wearing Vans, a gear lost in the stream
know your enemy, know who you are
the tiniest gear in the biggest machine

the tiniest gear in the biggest machine
a gear wearing Vans, a gear lost in the stream
know your enemy, know yourself
the tiniest gear that could jam the biggest machine.